onezone serversync


This command is designed to help administrators to sync OpenNebula’s configurations across different federated and High Availability (HA) zones and fix lagging nodes in HA environments. It will first check for inconsistencies between local and remote configuration files inside /etc/one/ directory. In case they exist, the local version will be replaced by the remote version and only the affected service will be restarted. Whole configuration files will be replaced with the only exception of /etc/one/oned.conf. In this case, the local FEDERATION configuration will be maintained, but the rest of the content will be overwritten. A backup will be made inside /etc/one/ before replacing any file.


This addon will connect to your local and remote OpenNebula’s Ruby OCA interface. Because of this, OpenNebula should be up and running on both servers. Oneadmin user will be used to log in on each server and credentials will be obtained from */var/lib/one/.one/one_auth* on each server.

This script can also be used to replace your local database with a remote version. Useful if your HA node was left behind.


Only use this option between HA nodes, never across federated nodes.

This is the list of files that will be checked and replaced:

  • Individual files:

    • /etc/one/az_driver.conf
    • /etc/one/az_driver.default
    • /etc/one/ec2_driver.conf
    • /etc/one/ec2_driver.default
    • /etc/one/econe.conf
    • /etc/one/oneflow-server.conf
    • /etc/one/onegate-server.conf
    • /etc/one/sched.conf
    • /etc/one/sunstone-logos.yaml
    • /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf
    • /etc/one/vcenter_driver.default
  • Folders:

    • /etc/one/sunstone-views
    • /etc/one/auth
    • /etc/one/ec2query_templates
    • /etc/one/hm
    • /etc/one/sunstone-views
    • /etc/one/vmm_exec


Any file inside previous folders that doesn’t exist on the remote server (like backups) will not be removed.


onezone serversync <remote_opennebula_server> [--db]

remote_opennebula_server is the server that will be used to fetch configuration files from.

If –db option is used, local database will be synced with the one located on remote_opennebula_server.