onevcenter cleartags


This command is designed to remove every OpenNebula’s custom attribute on a VMware Virtual Machine. When OpenNebula imports a VMware’s VM, it adds some attributes. In some operations, like re-importing a VM to OpenNebula, there might be a conflict and errors could appear. These are the attributes that will be removed:

  • opennebula.vm.running
  • opennebula.disk.*


A use case example for this addon is for re-importing a VMware VM to OpenNebula. The workflow in such scenario would be like this:

  • Use onevcenter cleartags on the VM that will be removed:
onevcenter cleartags <vmid>

vmid is the id of the VM whose attributes will be cleared.

  • Un-register VM

    onevm recover --delete-db <vmid>
  • Re-import VM: on the next host’s monitoring cycle you will find this VM under Wilds tab, and it can be safely imported.