Turnkey Linux Images Marketplace


This marketplace enables OpenNebula users to directly fetch images from Turnkey Linux Image Server. Every image listed on that server will be discovered by the marketplace driver and will be shown in the form of Appliance**_**Distribution. Amd64 architecture will be used.


To use this marketplace, you need to install first OpenNebula Market Addon, see: Installation. Then you will need to modify /etc/one/oned.conf and add the following snippet under MarketPlace Driver Behavior Configuration section:

oned.conf section:

   NAME = "turnkeylinux",
   SUNSTONE_NAME  = "Turnkey_Linux",
   APP_ACTIONS = "monitor",
   PUBLIC = "yes"

Also, you will have to modify the following section on oned.conf:

    EXECUTABLE = "one_market",
    ARGUMENTS  = "-t 15 -m http,s3,one,linuxcontainers"

and add turnkeylinux as shown below:

    EXECUTABLE = "one_market",
    ARGUMENTS  = "-t 15 -m http,s3,one,linuxcontainers,turnkeylinux"

Restart OpenNebula and you are ready to add the new marketplace via Sunstone.

systemctl restart opennebula

Open Sunstone and go to Storage –> MarketPlaces –> Add. Set a custom Name and select Turnkey_Linux as storage backend.

Turnkey Linux marketplace configuration