Advanced Usage

This section describes all options on how to adjust the generation of the support bundle.

Generate Support Bundle

The purpose of the onesupport tool is to gather as much as possible information about the environment so that customer support can give more accurate and faster responses. The usage is very simple, there are only a few configuration options. All are described in brief documentation available via argument --help.

sudo onesupport --help
onesupport [host types] [dump types]

Host types:
  all           ... start on frontend and inspect all hosts (default)
  frontend      ... gather only frontend specific data
  host          ... gather only KVM host specific data

Dump types:
  nodb, db      ... (don't) dump database (ONE)
  noconf, conf  ... (don't) dump configuration (ONE, libvirt, Apache/NGINX)
  nologs, logs  ... (don't) dump logs (ONE and system logs)

There are 2 types of arguments to specify:

  • host type
  • dump type

Host Types

What data are gathered depends mainly on the type of host we are running tool on. Each host type gets same common data (operating system, hardware, memory, installed software packages, system services, mounts, logs etc.) and differs only in data specific for the type.

Available options are:

Option Main Subject
frontend OpenNebula front-end services configuration and state, database dump, various entities (e.g., VMs).
host Virtualization services (libvirt, KVM) and network configuration.
all Combination of frontend mode and host mode. It starts with front-end specific data and connects to each virtualization host to get host-specific data. This mode is the default.


Simple run gathers all information (runs are equivalent):

sudo onesupport
sudo onesupport all

Get only front-end specific data, must be run on front-end:

sudo onesupport frontend

Get only host-specific data, must be run on virtualization host:

sudo onesupport host

Dump Types

Level of detail contained in the gathered data can be adjusted by dump type parameters. Following dump types are supported:

Option Description
db, nodb Enable / disable database dumps.
conf, noconf Enable / disable bundling of configuration files.
logs, nologs Enable / disable bundling of logs.

All dump types are enabled by default (db conf logs), but can be selectively disabled with negative options nodb, noconf and/or nologs.


If positive dump types (db, conf, logs) are used on the command line, only the specified types are gathered and no other ones.

If negative dump types (nodb, noconf, nologs) are used, these types are excluded from the support bundle. All the rest types are included.


Simple run gathers all information (runs are equivalent):

sudo onesupport
sudo onesupport db conf logs

Get support bundle without any database dumps and logs:

sudo onesupport nodb nologs

Get support bundle with database dump, but no logs and configurations:

sudo onesupport db

Dump types and host types parameters can be combined

sudo onesupport frontend nodb